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Atmosphere Too High

With the new 0.44 update, "Once atmosphere surpasses the 15 million mark, colonists will begin getting sick." My atmosphere is around 185,000. Any suggestions on dropping this by 170,000? Based on crude estimates, i'm forecasting a month if my colony manages to run non-stop.

I'm glad I never went back to bump my atmosphere generation with everything else. It would probably easily be in the millions, if not 10's or 100's of millions.
I'm guessing the 185,000 is a typo and you meant 185,000,000 otherwise you wouldn't need to drop the atmosphere level. At any rate condensers, especially the alien condensers, are the best way to use atmosphere.
Yeah, you need to keep around 15 million atmosphere in order to keep everything unlocked.
Sorry, that was 185,000,000, and it would have been in the 10's or 100's of billions if I had decided to boost production of atmosphere with everything else. I currently have 160 alien condensers, with another 60 waiting to build, but my alien artifact and uranium production are too low for all of my expansion ambitions. I'm also letting my trash build up, but the fantasy land arcologies are fairly clean for the population they hold.
Look at your atmosphere consumption and production. You might consider deactivating the biggest producers to help your condensers catch up.
I have 56,000,000... and my colonies are only have 2000 cause I try to keep this number (not a fan of big city).
It too slow to drain the water with number of colonies even have enough condensers.
no one plans ahead i figered months agaio this was going to change and never let any colony i had go over 16 million .
I listen to guys come on and brag how tehy had 200 million thinking youl be sorrrrrrrryyyy lol
Happy I planned ahead! I have just under 15m atmosphere. And have worked very hard to keep it under 15m.I lost almost 10k colonists with the trash update (all but 75). Now im up to 15k colonists.
my alien atm cond suck the atms too quick, it was at 10mil now and still downward trend.

what are the most poluting building beside incinerator, i dont have enuf trash to burn as well @@
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@Cyberkayu you can opt to use an atmospheric scrubber (0.46 release) instead of alien atmospheric condensers. Alternatively you can keep the condensers and build terraforming buildings to offset them.
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