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Native Client Update

I didn't know where to put this so i thought this would be the most appropriate place.

Ver 0.6
Native Client.x64
Windows 10 pro
Since 0.59 i have been unable to update using the in-game updater. Whenever it gets to 100% and shows that the update is ready to be installed, the button at the top of the screen doesn't function. I have tired restarting and re-downloading several times but it never functions. In the end i have to manually uninstall and then download the game from the APE market. It's quite an tedious process and it takes waay more time than it normally should.
I had this issue with the upgrade from 0.59 to .60 as well. The "clickable" part of the upgrade area isn't as big as it was previously. I had to slowly move the mouse up toward the title bar of the window before it would allow me to click and upgrade. It appears to be back to normal in the 0.61 update.
Ah, understood. I shall keep that in mind for the next time i update.
Got the same Problem since 0.59+ unable to klick update
Native .x64
Win 7
Yes, there was a bug with the 0.59 client. You have to manually redownload it. The newer clients should be fixed again :-/
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Problem Still exists for me always have to dl the patch manually
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