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My Colony Turns 2

On May 16th, My Colony turns two years old. Will there be something special on that day? Stay tuned!
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Happy Birthday lol
I wished to have better triantanium production factory.
Charter code: T0gtaz50 (Both 0 are zero). Join me, I am resource rich.
Shawn Yadav
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I hope it's an advanced he3 synthesizer and an alien he3 storage, haha.

But otherwise, congrats. My colony has come a long way. I've been playing since march of last year, and I've seen lot's of nice things come to life in mc. Hopefully the game lasts for another 2 years, at least long enough to get out of beta.
I love this game, shared it with all my friends and a bunch of them are playing now, lol
Congrats on 2 years

btw please buff all resource production by 500%?? :0
New Buildings Resquests (Anniversarial):
Golden Lander
-An upgrade from Lander. Entomb two original colonists in a tomb of gold to celebrate your colony's survival.
Patriotic Walls
-Walls with your nation's flag.
Flag Building Feature
-Have the ability to design your flag from a few templates.
Security Tower, Tower, and Lighted Wall.
Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
Join the Nations of OZ!
Thanks for the suggestions. v0.63.0 is going to be the Two Year update. It is coming soon, and is going to be the largest update in quite some time, with new content for all factions. I will also throw in many of the suggestions from this thread. It will also (hopefully) mark the release of My Colony on the Xbox One, providing it gets approval from Microsoft.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
On Desktop or large tablet devices, you now have the option to run the GBT news ticker full time at the bottom of your screen, that way you can monitor and have fast first-dibs on all posted trades.

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
That's an awesome feature.... I wonder if we can do the same with commonwealth alerts, having them scroll as news at the bottom. Then they wouldn't take up half the screen when a cw spams denounce.

I wonder if there would be an easy way to implement a resource-tracking feature that would alert you when requests and offers are posted for that resource. would come in handy and would help your posted resources get bought/sold faster. I just came up with this idea, not like there is an actual need for it or anything.

In your picture there looks like we will be getting some pretty useful stuff. I can't wait to be able to use them.
My Colony

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