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Upgrade road to any type


I think 'Upgrade road' window should let you choose ANY other eligible road type, so you can change all your roads to 'side-grade' if you want. Should still display +/- speed difference between the new and the old road.

are you down for that?
Can be cool but add too much thing in a window is not very cool because when you click on accidentaly you don't understand
I suggest to add the option "advance upgrade where You can
Upgrade all your road for any other
I think it'd be simple if it was just a tiled menu of buttons. Realistically, there's a TON of dead space on the road menu, and it's not like we'll have fifty road types by the end of the game's development.

You could just do it as such.
You click on the Road you want to upgrade, it shows the number of that road type, it's stats.

Then you have two buttons. Change Road and Change All Roads.
Click it, and a submenu pops up showing a scroll list for whichever button you picked.

This scroll menu is filled with buttons indicating each type of road that ISNT what the road already is, and a resource cost beside it, either colored black if it's an upgrade, or red if it means a loss of resources (in the case of say, downgrading from hardened pavement, to pavement) in the long run.

Picking an item will delete every single road, and replace them instantly with the type of road you chose, but as a building plot as if you just placed them yourself old-style.

This will be used more for people who either like the look of older path types (most likely when vehicles are only needed for building, as United Earth colonies eventually will get there, making travel speed not really a big deal when at that point, build speed is so low that a couple of early seconds doesn't mean much in one's mind versus say... premium path types).
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