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UI Feedback - Page 2

ah ok, thanks!
Its me Lego.
I think maybe having a way to turn individual resources on/off in the list. Like if you know you have plenty of ore and don't really care to see it, turn it off to make room for the stuff you're currently interested in seeing. But then maybe have a quick way to see the rest too just in case you need to double check something.
just a small thing, trash should be red of its Rising and green if its dropping.
Its me Lego.
Is there a way to code the bulldozer to be like construction? That is, highlight the building(s)/pavement(s) to be demolished and ask for a confirmation?
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Someone already mentioned the option to turn off and on the rss you want to see.

One of the strengths of this game is that it has so many resources, so you want to avoid making them a pain to see. I think there should be a screen, or drop-down, or slide-out that shows all the resources with their current numbers, this will be the main rss display. Each rss has an eyeball icon next to it that controls if its on the quick-view bar that we currently have.

there could also be an option for a stock-ticker style quick-view.

Maybe rather than scrolling all the resources constantly, it just flashes changes every few seconds, so you can monitor how things are going without having to have all the information displayed on the screen at once.
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