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Colonists Inexplicably Dying?

Hey, I seem to be having a problem. My people are dying, despite having plenty of food and water.
I just started playing a few days ago.

Their health is low, they seem to lack energy also. Fatigue is at 66%, Depression is at 16%, and Health is at 17%, and I have an approval rating that dropped drastically and quickly from a 98% down to 30% and I've been scrabbling to try and get things better for my colonists. (So 70% of my colonists are pissed off about being exhausted, depressed, and having health issues).

I don't know how to fix it, I'm not sure what I'm missing in their care, I've also got plenty of medical centers too! I'm at a loss.

Is there anything I can do at this point? Or are they doomed to all die?

Honestly, I'm not even sure how they're all so tired, I make sure not a single person has to walk further than 10 blocks to commute to work. I even gave them a living wage of $2 to help out.

I'm playing under United Earth, on a barren world. We just developed enough atmosphere for small plants to dot the ground, I thought things would get easier for them by now. Things were going so well for so long. I had the whole city planned out like grid work, only for some reason, I don't have the option to do a fire drill, or adjust wages for colonists.
a screen shot to help diagnose a problem I might not notice myself.

Cheers, Savi
Do you have a consulate or a capitol? Fire drill, wage settings, and workload are described there.
For fatigue troubles, set workload to light, and try turning off 'render colonists' in the engine settings.

I believe that you may have your workload set to extreme, however, I have no experience with colonists dying as much as they are now.

Can you please take picture of Population stats (eg. Avg. health) and unemployment rate?
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I have the basic consulate, the first level I guess. I tried turning off rendering, I haven't logged back in to see the result yet though (after letting it play awhile of course).

However, when looking through the options on my consulate building, there's no fire drill, wage settings, or workload listed as options to change. Do I need a higher level consulate before being able to do that?

I'll take additional pictures.
Oh, haha....I must have deleted it. I remember I was trying to exit, delete the temp file, and reload the normal save file, like a round about refresh of the game files. I must have deleted both by mistake, I guess I no longer have a problem after all.

I'll restart in another file, and see how it goes for awhile. Sorry for the trouble.
i too am having the same issues, people are dying in mass, everything was fine for a few days, i logged in today and instantly fatigue went to 53%, ratings to 23% and i have lost over 2k people in just under 4 hours, i now have such a low population that my colony has grinded to a halt, nothing is being produced and i cant replace the dead citizens. I'm not on any kind of ban, even immigration has slowed right down.

there is nothing in the consulate for fire drill, or work load. just living wage, and adjusting this does nothing at all. throwing money at them also does nothing, I'm at a complete loss on what to do.
That happened to me to
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Having the same problems but nobody has died yet though. everything else is good just fatigue and i don't know how to change the workload to light to help with it.
I know I'm bumping a thread over a year old, but this happened to me and this is the first result when you google "my colony colonists dying"

the problem for me was I boxed off a couple residences and they slowly died off 1 at a time. eventually the affected building could be seen as transparent next to the rest of the buildings, meaning there is some input requirement not being satisfied

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