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1 year old colonists?

So I've got this problem.Some of my colonist dont get a job because they have 1 year old,do i need to do something cause im starting to panic here (lol).
They will get a job, don't worry. They are 1 year old, because they are from cloning facilities, so no problem.
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I don't use cloning facilities, but still get 1 year old baby labor from regular landing pad, it kind strange.
Now my colonists average age is about 10 years old..
O really ? now you made it funny .
No cloning factory ? and a 1 year old lol .

(Krypton - Honny the planet is about to blow up !!!!
OMG the baby- Don't worry we will stick our 1 year old child in a ship and send it that planet .
Better check the kid he may have super powers .

Ps what happen when the planet is full of just kids ?
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There was a bug when colonists coming in from the star gate had invalid ages (NaN) and they all got defaulted to 0 years old.
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By the way, the age has no impact on whether or not they find a job. There are no child labor laws in the colony.
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colbya said: Better check the kid he may have super powers .

It's too bad there is no job for a reporter, also no telephone booth.

bastecklein said:...the age has no impact on whether or not they find a job..

It's sound ok to me, right now I am much worry about death rate.
Yet, my colony only use landing pad though.. (try to keep the population at 2000)
I have my colony for 7month and nobody died because of old age
Its me Lego.
my age length is 23
My youngest was 3 oldest was 29 current is 24
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