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Short Numbers in UI

Instead of showing 15k when we actually only have 14,764, could we have something like 14.7k or even 14.8k.
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it is a bit easer when you have 15k people have a lot line of ressource so imagine if they have some caracter more for you it can look nothing but on phone it can take a lot more space
even so, if I have 1.4k/1.6k power it will show 1k/2k which is misleading and so I end up going over.

It wouldn't hurt to add an option for more details e.g.: no decimal places (1k/2k) - 1 decimal place (1.4k/1.6k) / the whole number (1,400/1,600)
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Or like population, remove power from the short numbers. I don't count power as a resource as more of a black and white thing you either are under the line or over it doesn't really fluctuate. I agree having to turn off the abbreviation just to see if I need to build plants gets annoying
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