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Microsoft Version not working

I bought the premium version of the game about a year ago, and I hopped on just a few days ago, yet the app would not start. I tried backing up the files then reinstalling it, but still nothing happened. I am still pretty pissed at losing the premium tho
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Have you tried the version from the Ape Apps store on this site? You can install the Ape Apps Launcher, sign in, and any games you have bought premium for will register it when they are installed.

Also, if you still have the *.amk file you can still make sure your account has premium. Just go here:

Scroll down and you can see what apps have premium or don't and you can add the amk file (if you have it) to apply it if premium doesn't show.

@Bastecklein - might need some dev help for him with premium if he can't figure out the premium.
Thanks, just let me know @EliteDraco if you follow misted's steps and still have issues. You aren't going to lose your premium, we will get it working.
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