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[NEW : My Colony 2 Update] Coloniae Official Thread - Page 4

Coloniae 3 is out now!

I have it all explained in detail here!
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Coloniae gives us now an information about how we play My Colony. Just look at those yummy cookies, I mean charts, isn't they simply gorgeous?: Game Stats.

For example it can be seen now under "Civilizations" link that United Earth still holds firmly as the most popular faction with over 76 % of all colonies. League of Independent States occupy the second place with little more than 10 %. And mighty Zolarg Empire stands in the proud third place with well over 9 % of all inhabited space.

And the sum of the population of all online colonies stays at 1.147.599.333 colonists. Compare it to estimated real population of our old good Earth: 7.794.798.739 and counting! (data: Worldometer)
Huge update! Coloniae Spring update is out now!

More details here.
Creator of Coloniae

The yearly large update is here!

Full article here:
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My Colony

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