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when are you going to optimize the game

#1 2018-10-22 17:49:41
goodnight the 0.74 just out but still not a more fluid game play rowing especially when a huge number of vehicles move it is (so slow that I can not play!) so I wanted to tell you would be greatly optimizing the game before to add content otherwise I play on google chrome version of my colony 0.74.0 and windows 7
#2 2018-10-22 18:41:56
Perhaps some more details? Map size/pathfinding settings/how many rovers are you moving at once? I know on a 200x200 map I can move around 100 rovers at a time across the map with no noticeable lag.
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#3 2018-10-22 19:12:06
I am on a wide map on planet March I have at least can be 4000 vehicles so can be 2000 who move to collect and build
#4 2018-10-22 19:26:56
A little question, can you describe your computer?

Because in any game, in any situation, render and calculate 2000/4000 bots, plus the buildings, plus the citizens.. is not a "easy" job, doable with old computer.
#5 2018-10-22 20:32:03
Well, I always try to optimize with each release. To be fair, I think you are taxing the game out to it's limits. A large map on it's own degrades path-finding performance, and the game itself warns you of this when you are creating a new city or annexing land. On top of that you are using 2-4 thousand bots. thousand! why? I mean, how necessary is it to have that many? If it is lagging your game down to nothing, then it can't be speeding up your builds significantly.

Now you can play however you want, that is fine with me. And I will keep trying to improve the game to be able to handle your extreme situation. I just find it odd when your post is like "when are you going to optimize the game" and "still not a more fluid game play" with no other information given, posted as a bug report, like the engine is broken or something. Then come to find out you are running thousands of bots + big map.

Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback and I will continue to try to make improvements. I'm just not sure this is a legit bug with the game. I think it has more to do with the limits of the system and javascript. Because really My Colony performs pretty good for a straight JS /2d Canvas game. Obviously there is always room for improvement, but I would hold it up against any other written in this language, especially considering it uses no third party frameworks or engines.
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#6 2018-10-23 18:55:22
and I even felt that 4000 robots were not enough because I made as many popur harvesting faster and the game works well as its for a long time so by putting fewer robots it should work I will try otherwise I have a 2.6ghz pc and a card pretty good graph and 6gb of ram but can you tell me the minimum system requirements for the game?
#7 2018-10-24 20:43:55
2,6ghz? dual core? quad core? 8 xeon cpu with 24 core each? 6gb ram are low and a bad setting, because for build a 6gb computer you will need 2gb and 4gb sticks, no dual channel .. now the minimum standard is 8gb, 16gb the ideal for most players. And if is old Intel cpu with the patch for meltdown and spectre.. the cpu become a brick.

In this game, like all games with similar structure (no limits for building, units, bots..), the minimum system requirements is closely related to the complexity of the simulation. A colony with 50'000 settlers, 400 bots and 10'000 building is different from a colony with 2'000'000 settlers, 2000 bots and 100'000 building.

In any case, why you need 4000 robots?

In end game style, all resource come from building, not for harvesting. In my LIS colony, i have only few hundreds bots, just for create structures.
#8 2018-10-25 21:03:55
I for one am amazed at the lack of appreciation in this post for the hard work bast put into keeping mc's performance at where it needs to be. I remember when rovers would cause so much lag that they would make mc unplayable for some, even on the smallest of maps with only a few rovers. Now we can have hundreds of rovers and the game is still playable. MC's performance has drastically increased over the year and a half that I've known it. But for you to act as if bast is just sitting there twiddling his thumbs is unacceptable.

My suggestion to you, delete all of your rovers that gather resources and build structures that produce those resources. Keep your clay bots, and keep 40-50 of each of your builder bots, but just smash everything else. Do this and you will see a huge performance increase.

You have to remember that every game is designed with a certain limit or scope in mind, and when you exceed the scope of a game, there is no guarantee that the game will perform properly. That's why third-party game mods are known for causing a vanilla game to crash, because they are foreign to the vanilla game code.

The scope of my colony is basically that a player will start out depending on rovers to collect every resource, but then destroy all of those gatherer rovers and resort to building tons of production buildings to suit their production needs. You sir, have gone too far, because it's when you don't resort to production buildings and you keep on massing up rovers that you eventually exceed the scope of the game, and then the game ceases to work properly for you. Solution = keep your gaming experience inside the scope and everything should work fine. If that doesn't work for you, then you are free to attempt to find another game that lets you magically mass up thousands of pathfinding entities without turning your cpu into a glorified brick. I guarantee you won't find one.
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