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In-Game Messaging Rewrite And Other Changes Coming in v0.75.0

This is a heads up to all players than in v0.75.0, the in-game messaging system for online play (will not impact offline LAN games) is being completely rewritten. The new messaging is actually going to tie into the forum mail system, allowing players to view and respond to in-game messages either here from this website, on, or within the game itself.

I am also looking into letting players send resources to other colonies and even conduct GBT trades right from the website, even if they are not currently signed in to the game. This is being made possible by a change to the way resource data is handled for online games.

Anyway, there are also some other cool new changes that will be coming to the game and over the next few updates. I am looking at a way to let players create automated trade-routes with other planets using Star Ships that will continue to trade resources between colonies, even when they are offline. I also want to add new ways to manage embassies from the website, including restocking them when all of the ambassadors have died.

Anyway, that is what I am working on server-side while waiting for the My Colony Steam release. I figure with moderators on the way, it might be time to start expanding online play a bit. Stay tuned for more details!
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That's very interesting! I'm looking forward to more details especially on the automated trade routes : finally an actual use for starships!

Being able to trade and gift without loading the game is also great
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I'm looking forward to those trade routes, that's something I've wanted for a while now, being able to create a contract and adjust the frequencies of trades and amounts of items traded. I like that it's also putting starships to use.

A couple ideas that may or may not help:

- with any good trade route, administration is required, so maybe regularly charge civics when each trade happens. And of course, the magnitude of the player's ability to trade could be based off of the consulate or capital building level.

- oil could also be required for humans to constantly fuel the trading ships. For zolarg, antaura could be a possible fuel source. For Reptilians, I'm not sure, but one can get pretty creative with all of the resources that they have access to. Maybe crystalline or uranium could be a fuel source for them.

- automated trading routes would need a contract that is stored on the server that tells the server how often to initiate a trade. These contracts could be view-able by moderators, and the moderators could use them to settle disputes and administer penalties if the contract is violated.

-When one or both people are offline, those trades stack up. This poses a challenge, because if one offline player goes on a 7 day trip, they would owe 7 days worth of trades of resources/money to the other colony when they get back online. It's up to both players to make sure that they have enough resources to last during their inactivity, because as soon as they log in, all of the stacked trades will immediately take the needed resources from the player's reserves and give them their payment from those stacked trades. if one player is online while the other is offline, they would continue to receive the traded goods and pay out the resources that the other player needs. This is how I envision the process working, but you might want to do it differently.

- If a player didn't have enough resources, they would be breaking the contract and they would have to provide an explanation to the player that they are trading with. After a certain amount of time, the offended player could use the forum to request help from a moderator, and the moderator could void/edit the contract, fine the player and use it to cover the offended colony's losses, take away a player's privilege of being able to have auto-trade routes, and finally even banish a colony to be an offline game temporarily, depending on the colony's offenses and how repentant they are. As I've said before, since cheating and stealing are an inevitable part of life, I am fairly sure that that some variant of this feature would need to be added in order to maintain fairness among players.
This sounds so awesome it almost sounds like an April fools
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