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My Colony Arrives on Steam!

This is just a PSA that My Colony is now live on Steam:

If you haven't gotten My Colony Premium yet, the Steam purchase is a great way to unlock it on all platforms. If you already have premium, you are free to get it again on Steam, or just use the Ape Apps Launcher or Native Client:

Before I get a bunch of questions about it, there will not be Steam licenses given away to prior premium users, due to the manual effort involved and the fact that the Steam client is identical to the Native Client. If you absolutely have to have the game in steam, you can either get it again to support development (it's still dirt cheap), or add a shortcut to it like this:
hello i just bought it on steam and is its mactive the premium version of the game on my account ape apps
builderbot said:hello i just bought it on steam and is its mactive the premium version of the game on my account ape apps

Yes when you sign in to the Steam version with your Ape Apps account, it should activate it everywhere.
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then just a little bug report every time I save the game does not want to take over the game where I was staying so he does not want to save more wholesale!
wonderful. :)
best of luck bast hope it goes well!

its a little personal suggestion might be real hard to get working im unsure but if you ever have the time take a look into the steam workshop thing

a game named starbound has steam workshop mods and i can safely say after following it for a great amount of time without starbound mods it wouldn't be as active as it is.

just some food for thought :)
Shame. I wanted this on steam so that people would see how many hours I have spent in the game on my account, use the screenshots and sharing feature of steam. It would let people go to the game's store page too if they see me playing it.

Using your shortcut method instead will not let them see this or screenshots I take or anything like that because it will be considered a non-steam game.

There are probably ways you can generate a steam key for people, steam tends to work with you a bit on this I believe as I've seen other developers do it. I'm just not entirely sure myself. Reason I bring this up, is I would like to get it on steam so that I can use steam's update client to keep the game up to date, use its sharing methods like screenshots. But I would like to use the balance I have on my google account to pay for it, which can only be done for Google Play content so I would have to buy the premium on my phone, but as you say, it won't unlock on steam so I haven't done this yet and have been putting it off for a long time, and in the end probably forget and may not end up happening.

My whole gaming experience is focused around steam. Everything I get is on steam. I tend not to really focus on games that aren't on steam. Its just how I am it seems.
My Colony

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