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resources reset after game reload - Page 2

So when you load the game, it syncs all of your resource values with the server. So the last save when you are quitting must not be syncing your resources up correctly.

I have made a change on the server that will hopefully help with this. Am still looking into the cause.
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I know this is an old post but i am having the same problem with alpha draconians on a lava region. I have not had this problem before now.
After a bit of troubleshooting i have more info, it is all new colony saves on my current phone. Must be a bug with the current setup i have, my wife has no problem so far with the same exact model phone. I used her phone with my login and it was fine, i also have no trouble with new saves on an old extra phone.
I'm getting the same on my new Draco Lava world (Android 9), though cloud save fixes the same problem in my new UE Waterworld. Draco Ether had the same problem a few months ago.
Currently the same bug is happening to me on all Region maps with the Draconian civilization. I tried different methods of exiting the game and none of them keep the resources. The moment you exit to title or desktop all the resources get reset to the starting values. This is really bothersome, if you are either collecting to get some early resource production going or are saving them for the late game technologies (not to mention the occasional path finding bug, where rovers/workers would rather try mining a deposit that they can't access instead of the one that is accessible (and nearer sometimes) or they get stuck in an endless loop of resetting their position (don't know if only visual when they are stuck or actually just resetting)).
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