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Heya Bast, it's been a while since you updated AQ, did you stop with it?
Well I have been keeping it mostly up to date with My Colony engine changes. I haven't added any new content since September though. I will probably add a snow map before the Christmas update, but I don't know if I will add another civilization any time soon.

The main issue is that for adding another civ, the main artist for the game @jova sinks tons of time into the graphics, and not that many people have been playing Antiquitas to appreciate the work, or to even make it worth while.

I will keep it always up to date with whatever new features are added to My Colony though, although Antiquitas will probably get updates once per month instead of 2 or 3 per month like My Colony.

It's really just a matter of users for Antiquitas, and the fact that each of the three civs is already pretty well fleshed out.
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it's a pity that it is not particularly appreciated, perhaps in the long run … a new civ would mean to sacrifice almost all my free time (and personal life) for several months, and, probably, without some kind of satisfaction.
However, I will try to organize myself to be able to provide some new elements to be included in future updates 2019.
Moreover, I was thinking of proposing to Bast, along the 2019, a new type of map like "new world" or "mistery Island" where to hypothesize the arrival of colonizers (Egyptians, Romans or Gauls) after a shipwreck and in which insert some Atzech structures just to have a base of a possible future new civilization to be carried out a little at a time
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