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More political options

A idea I would love to see added is the ability to manage and regulate your colony more. Like a ability to tax your people more in depth sorta. Like retired people pay an amount and worker taxes and such instead of just everyone pay the same. You could create more in depth laws regulating the colony and a police force to back these laws and such. A pvp idea I can back as well. Be able to declare war on a colony. Your people can enlist you can draft and such. The whole fighting concept is up to you whether the army will actually fight in the colony on the players screen or off screen is up to you. The main thing that might make people question would be what if you would lose the war. I say you just become a colony of the winner like when you first start. The forces itself could just be researched and produced in arms factories. That or a more capitalist ability for the citizens even though I assume that would be difficult I wouldn’t suggest it the. Other than that I think this would add some more realism to the game and just something different and offer more play styles.
Why PvP? It's a building simulation game. SimCity, megapolis and other building games don't do PvP and they work fine. It goes against the idea of a building sim.

Regarding the politics, not sure it will do much, but it doesn't hurt.
i could get behind the more options for taxes or the ability to create ordinances even a system for crime,fire and health but i think pvp might ruin the "mood" the game tries to set.
On that note if theres a side game that can tie into my colony that might be fine, it could be a fun phone tapper game
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I think this idea looks good! run 3 😳😳
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