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Other ideas to waste research

I have an idea where you could add a trait tree, where once you have unlocked all of the techs you could unlock the trait tree, and then there would be traits, such as 50% faster plastic production, or 15% faster idle production on alien plastic factory! These traits would be continuous, and would be infinite, with the price going up a large amount and the trait just 10% or so, with the price starting somewhere in the billions of research. Some of the traits would be Final Traits and those would coust civics, money and research and would have a prestige of some sorts to whatever the trait is. That would the last trait in the trait line for that. There would be a trait tree for each building, and if there is upgrades to that building and you have at least one of that building the traits for the not upgraded building would apply to the other upgraded building.
This is just an idea, and some of it may not be plausible.
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I like the trait thing, however it should either be used as 1 resource at a time, or increased research/resources per each additional trait being used... Maybe even like a time limit on the traits, like 24 hours...
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By continuous you mean it takes up research for the trait to be active ?

I would see it like you have one big "building traits" tech which unlocks traits tiers in each building type. For example requirements for tier 1 trait "10% faster production" for a given building would be 1 million research per minute per building. It also has to be per building and for all buildings, you don't want to go and activate that in all buildings.
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Yeah, that could be a continuous trait. But what I meant was that it was never-ending, like an algorithm to calculate the cost of the next upgrade and the upgrade of whatever the trait is.
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