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Can't access part of my region after using stargate.

Was playing earlier and went to use my stargate to order up several hundred thousand units of wood.
Shifted over to build a bunch of things in another section of the region and decided I needed more wood.
Went back to my section of the region with the stargate and when i clicked on the import icon, nothing... tried it with the black market bazaar... nothing.
Saved and closed the game.
Logged back into the game and now if I click on that region with the stargate, it won't enter it. It goes through the loading screen then dumps me back to the main region.
I can select every other section of my region but the central one that i started in with the stargate.

Windows 10.
Current version 0.81.0
On further inspection it seems several of my sectors are actually unresponsive now and I can't get into them, i click on them and it just takes me back to the region map after a loading screen.
It happens to me on every Region. Not only that but if I start any another cities and then try and return to the malfunctioning city, not only will it not load; but it will erase the new cities.
Additionally, I took the over-the-top step to back-up the region every time I exited a city to ensure I could just restore a failed city. Unfortunately this did nothing. ALL BACK UPS FAIL and the restore point is the dead city.
Glad I'm not alone on this. A shame too i had gotten my first charter member today.
Just wanted to give an update.
As of update 0.82.0 I still cannot access several of my regional cities.
Were your internet connection reliable ? Maybe you were switching cities too fast for the game to save and upload data correctly ..the internet problem could explain the Stargate issue
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I don't believe my internet was a factor, it's a direct connection to the line and I seamlessly stream videos and play multiplayer games all the time on it. I mean it could be that there was a hiccup right as it was saving once but I couldn't say.
So I gave up and deleted all my files and tried remaking my colony using the same name.
I made sure all data was removed, then picked my planet type (Ice) and the game hung up. I had to force close it after picking a new region.
Got back on and loaded the save to this.

Well... made a whole new region, played for about 3 days and it happened again, regions just won't load and i wasn't even close to stargate tech this time. Simply made a region for artifact farming. Went to another region and came back, now I can't get into it. Once again same song and dance, just loads and throws me back to the region select screen.
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