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Chrome Users Virus warning ( ps not related to my colony )

Warning to all chrome users there is a virus that installs its self directly into chrome ( unknown were it came from but not from here .
anyway antivirus DOES not detect it nore does any antimel ware program .
The ONLY solution is to delete chrome at this time .
PSS windows ten explorer works better now anyway .
pss This virus does not show up as add on again No software can detect it And I know most places people hid these installs and I could not find it by hand ,

Untill google protects against this new virus you may want to use another browser to play
Ps if you are getting random POP OUTS not from a browser saying chrome is infected or random news clicking on them leads to scame we can fix your pc sites .
as for rep[orting this to google ha good luck getting them to look .
Is this still happening

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