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Could someone either tell me how they work or where to learn how they work? Thanks!
Come to our discord we will explain it
"A Commonwealth is an independent colony with dependent colonies."

You automatically become a Commonwealth when you declare independence. Then, you can start accepting other colonies under your charter, which will have the same status as when you were not independent : they will have to pay taxes to you, but you are committed to help them in the event of a starvation for example.
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What is discord vs coloniae?
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Discord is a chat application, like team speak, whatsapp, telegram. but more complicated. Like the Game MyColony. and coloniae is a webpage for My Colony to look into different statistics
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Hey, Mister Steel, why don't you give it a try? We have lots of active members and a very friendly community. You can even join a common wealth and get assistance :) DO you already have a colony?

Here's the invite link.
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