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Federations, clean up members


The current way federations are set up is that half of the current members have to say "yay" before someone is able to join. The problem is sometimes a map can get corrupted and isn't playable anymore. When that happens to a decent amount of people in a federation it makes it impossible for the members with working maps to introduce new people into the fold.

So im suggesting two possible fixes.
1) introduce a system where the owner can appoint "leaders" who can make changes and kick people who have broken maps and maybe an option to transfer ownership of the federation to another commonwealth.

2) A kick option for the federation leader.
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Yes, but the fed leader kick would have to go through at least 1/3 of the fed. If someone's map is corrupted, there should be a way to let the game know, and therefore it could make you not be part of the fed, and the Commonwealth (if you have one) would be purged of people and those people would be placed in a.) a commonwealth of their choice, or b.) to the Commonwealth that person got independence from.
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