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LIS Aquatic World Tech Tree, Harvesting, and Buildings

I'm not sure if this is so much a bug or if it was intended but it is certainly quite annoying.
Due to the prerequisites for certain buildings, I can't build them on the aquatic world. Examples include:

Solar towers
(I have High Density Solar Panels but also need Abandoned World Base or Asteroid Base or United Earth Base)

Black market bazaar
(No regolith on the map and will have to build my colony a long way to be able to make/import it)

(I can't build the miner, I have Diamond Mining but also need Desert World Base or Lava World Base or Ice World Base or Asteroid Base)
(Same as diamonds have the tech, but not the right world (needs forest))
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you have trees - wood = charcoal = charcoal Burner = power
This is your power source until you get the tek for Nuk plant . Then you have a better power source

water world is the slowest map in the game .
Advantages fisher bot + fish building so food is easy .
fresh water spots NEVER ending so you never run out of water .
the biggest issue is a few mints for money .

so build a few ore refinery's get a 1000 steel
MINE gold deposits even a few k will do build ten Mints and you have enough money flow to maintain the colony build a few labs let research build up even 20 labs you will have up to trades for lis in a few hours .
Not taht it will help much as your still poor as it can be .
so get diamond tek build a few diamond making buildings then a few jem shops for fast money .

water world bites lol lava world was fun twice fighting lava after that just anoying lol .

now me I just used my earth main to gift my LIS colony resources and in 30 hours have all tek and massive resources coming in .
O and this is NO bug water world was programmed this way
I know how to play the game.
I'm not complaining about not having these things. just concerned that we might be supposed to have them and this was an oversight.
and what you said
Not taht it will help much as your still poor as it can be .
so get diamond tek build a few diamond making buildings then a few jem shops for fast money .
is one of the things I just said can't be done.
Perhaps the lack of solar towers was intentional, perhaps it wasn't; either way, I hardly think that being without trade until one can build a League Trade Authority (which would need aluminium which one can't import) was intended nor was putting diamonds on the map with no way to harvest them.
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As i said this is no bug it was made that way and yes you can get diamond teck and a diamond lab .
only things left out are any power source except charcoal burner and nuk on up are all there .
you did post this as a bug and as i say its not .
water world is meant to be this way as it is ment to be the hardest world to build on .
personally i am not a fan as all the graphics of water really slow the game down
and solar panels
BUT i degress i am making water world lis to confirm this
yep I am correct diamond lab can be built on LIS water world and main power untill nuk is charcoal burner which gives 50 power
what is strange is you can build the diamond lab but not the diamond refinery and there are diamond deposits on the maps
But surly it is a bug that resources such as diamond and oil can't be harvested because the rovers can't be built.
Yes one can make synthetic diamonds and oil but then why have them on the map?
This is the main thing that made me think it would be a bug.

The other 'bug's I mentioned may not be but certainly are annoying and in the case of the black markets I really think they should be available (the only reason they're not is because there's no regolith (not usually an issue as LIS usually has regolith))

Rather than arguing with you about workarounds and that water world is meant to be hard, I'd rather find out if these were things that slipped through from the developer or a direct quote from the aforementioned stating that we're not supposed to have these things.
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I did notice no oil rovers but bug world have UR deposits and cant be harvested as well .
Bast just made new graphics and changed a little coding on the started map red planet and did not bother to take deposits off that had no use or could not be harvested on that world .
BUT so far I have no oil plant ether O and oil plant would mean oil power station which gives 750 power i believe
forgot that ill see if .
yes its there i just have not got the teck yet 5500 lol
but really it kinda bugs me as well .
I do know for a fact he did forget programming on create a map as they can not be used for LIS unless you add garbage on teh map for power as there is 0 way to get begining power any other way
belive me i messed around for hours tring to find a way around the issue
ps using a region map makes water world much more playable as you can add citys .
Pss medium maps seam to run fine wonder if bast tweaked the graphics speed is much better
o for water world bast took a lis forest world map took off the tree added palm tress and salt water and did not bother to take off the deposit taht cant be mined .
He does 99 % of the programming him self so a short cut should be expected

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