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Research Exploit/glitch

I found an exploit today by accident. If you learn something by spending research points then save the game, exit and reload you will have the tech unlocked and have all your research points back. This exploit needs to be patched
I don't think is related to only Research.

Just after the 0.85 update, i have create a new Region (Abandoned World, Reptilians race, for farm the new resource), until i have created a second city, the resources was resetting at every save/exit/reload (es, 3000 money, 1500 ore, 0 gold, 0 steel, 0 Ether ecc....), only resources, the building, population, bot, slave, remain stable.
Is this online/offline and what version (desktop/web/android)?
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Its not just related to research. I built a few things this morning and saved the game and turned it off. When I came back here a few hours later I had a majority of the resources back. I'm on android btw
And online
Windows 10, ape apps launcher 1.21, My colony 0.85, online game.
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