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Can you fix everything at once

I see a whole bunch of buildings at 97% and some lower, is there any way to just fix all if it at once
I have consulate lv 1 if that is important
There is, but once you have more buildings it will ruin you. Don't worry about the repair they don't affect your game.
Once you upgrade your consulate to level 2(from what I remember) you get the option of repairing all the buildings with once click in the policy menu.

Though the % don't matter much, but always keep it high. Once buildings go below 50% or so they deactivate and at 0% the building gets destroyed. Also bast has significantly reduced the repair costs in the recent updates, so the costs are Reasonable now.
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They don't get deactivated till 10%.
And I don't repairs and haven't seen any building go below 95.

Ppl have too much "deactivation anxiety" 😉

Either way it's cheaper to let it go boom and rebuild it, than repair it constantly.

But I don't think it happens seeing how my main map is from 2016. For some reason they decay quick till 97-95 but stagnate after that. Makes the whole feature pretty useless and pointless.
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