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New sugar, wood, charcoal, crystalline, and diamond structure ideas

Alien buildings:

Alien wood fabricator: The ancients were the most skilled at turning one form of organic matter into another with the help of other catalysts. In this case, ether causes ant paste to become fibrous like wood. Using this, we can create synthetic wood very quickly with a lot of ant paste and a small inflow of ether.

Alien Charcoal extruder: This structure takes tons of ant paste and a steady inflow of obsidian and turns them into massive amounts of charcoal.

Alien lumber monolith: this building consumes a little ether constantly in order to soften wood and compress it into a giant upward standing beam of wood. The more wood is stored, the taller the building becomes. Should only need one inkscape image per growth stage, and maybe have like 10 stages of growth until the tower is full. Would give a cool effect. Should also be the highest level storage from wood.

Trascendent buildings:

Transcendent Diamond compression matrix: This will be a unique structure and should serve three purposes. 1.) The matrix would be the highest level charcoal and diamond storage. 2.) Each matrix likes to stay full on charcoal, so it will rapidly break diamonds stored inside it down into charcoal until it's full on charcoal. 3.) If charcoal is maxing out, then the matrices will begin turning charcoal into diamonds to make room for more charcoal. In a single map colony, they would do this automatically, but unfortunately, on a regions map you would have to go to the map with the matrices in order for them to start decompressing or compressing. I would put these in an area that you normally visit, like your capital city where you go to gift and trade.

So in simple words, it acts like a more advanced diamond generator when charcoal production is high, and it acts as an emergency charcoal generator in case charcoal production plummets, and of course it acts as the largest storage for diamonds and charcoal. Remember, if charcoal plummets, you'll get no oil, which eventually means no plastic, sugar, or toys, and without sugar, food processors stop working.

Trascendent crystalline compression matrix: same concept as the diamond version, only this time it tries to stay full on sugar and then compresses or decompresses based on how sugar production is doing. It would also act as an end game generator for crystalline, which humans don't seem to have, at least as far as i've seen.
@Ansom, if you're going to vote no, could you please tell us why?

Seriously, I have a regions colony and I have to devote an entire medium map to tree farms just for my wood production to be "adequate." And I know there isn't a better wood producing building out there. So wood is a different situation than clay. I understood your opinion about clay, that there's already a better way to obtain it, but wood has been left in the dark for ages without any upgrades to further save space. Are you going to tell me that a civilization that is capable of mass producing uranium should never be able to mass-produce wood, especially being that it's one of the most used resources in the game due to the charcoal/oil/plastic/toys resource chain? Ore can be produced quickly using only small amounts of space in end-game, and even steel, gold, uranium, aluminum, water, and food can be produced in large amounts using a relatively small amount of space. So who forgot to invite wood to the space saving party?

And what of charcoal? Charcoal is needed a lot as well. Yeah, sure, we have factories that produce a pretty good amount and we don't NEED a better version, but do you honestly think we should have to devote an entire medium map to charcoal production along with wood production just to feed our oil and plastic chain? Those advanced oil factories won't feed themselves. Adding obsidian in the mix also gives obsidian another use, where right now I don't see it used very much at all.

The alien wood monolith was just a funny idea that I had that I thought would give a cool effect. My colony could always benefit from using more effects. I know that we have plenty of wood storage as is, so I understand why you would vote no on this one.

The last two were also just ideas that I thought would be pretty useful in end-game and would save space, since end-gamers need to save as much space as possible. I figured people like you who have end-game colonies would enjoy such a feature. However, the fact that they can produce diamonds and crystalline en mass if you overproduce might scare some people and I can see why you voted no.

I just want to see my colony grow into a more dynamic game. It's still trapped in a rigid square, and it needs to break out if bast wants to see more interest. I don't want to see my colony die out, and that's what I've been seeing this past year, so many people have left that this forum is practically dead. All I want to do is influence my colony for the better and pinpoint places of imbalance so that the game can improve and become more appealing. I'm not looking for a joy ride for my colony, I like a challenge, I'm just trying to help.
Yes, but today i don't was able to stay at the pc. :P

You need to see the production of resources from different aspects. The resources can't be all easy for every stages game, today the game is already "easy". In few weeks a player is able to unlock all building and research easy (without 24/24 7/7 working colony..), and you need to understood the resources realistic need in different stage game. Because if in the early stage, a colony only need x amount of a specif resources, you can't pretend x^500 production because you wanna play in a specif way.

Some time ago, for several month, the big problem (pretty much the only problem..) for human colony was the aluminium, in this days at least for human, all resources come limitless. We have specif building for the material heavy consumed (steel, plastic, gold, aluminium...), and generic building for all other materials (research converter).

You are again asking for something already present in game, at least in end game (a player able to build every building, with all research done).

If someone play in end game (0.85v), don't need any upgrade version for sugar, wood, charcoal, crystalline or diamond, because is already able to build a very nice structure, able to create pretty much all resources. If someone play in the early stage, or medium stage, is not a big deal, because with few map will be able do everything necessary for continue the game, and research everything in few weeks.

ps. the game is already moving in resources present in specific world, and only one specific race able to collect them.
ok, you win, I understand you're point. The human's races in my colony has already been fleshed out enough and there's no need for any further additions to make things easier or more efficient. I wasn't hoping to make things easier, I just thought these buildings would be useful, but I can see that resources like the one's above, at least for humans, are set in the production limits that they have for a reason.

I'll focus on coming up with ideas for other parts of mc instead of humans then. Zolarg and reptilians aren't nearly as fleshed out as humans, and there's always room for more planet types, even for humans, so maybe I could be a force for good in those areas.
I think these ideas would be great to expand the other civilizations, especially zolargs!! Maybe they'll learn to use coal to generate electricity someday, and since it's pretty easy to generate daimonds with UCMs, the conversion machines would be great!!! Same with sugar and crystals. These ideas seem really good to me for zolargs
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@invincible what is a UCM? I'm trying to get diamonds via zolarg and I'm having trouble. I'm also having trouble obtaining arts, even though I've amassed so much research that I've unlocked the wheel.

otherwise, thanks for the response. I didn't think that zolarg could use it but now that I've played them for a time, I realized that they do need some fleshing out.
UCM are unholy core mines.. you can look more about them in reference. you get them after independence and unlocking the mysticism.
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