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Colony Wars v0.2.0 Released

Today I am releasing the very first update to the Colony Wars beta, v0.2.0! This update cranks up the firepower a bit, with the addition of two new units - the Rocket Infantry and the Light Tank!

Now that there is more than just simple bullets flying across the battlefield, the dynamics are starting to change a little bit. After testing, I had to crank up the hit point values on most of the structures, since the light tanks were able to just roll on into a base and destroy it with minimal effort. It can't be that easy, especially since Medium and Heavy tanks will be coming soon as well!

This update also adds one new map, Red Canyon, which is a larger 6 player map taking place on the "Red Planet" surface.

In addition, unit and building costs now appear in the construction sidebar, and several bugs have been fixed.

In the coming updates, I will continue to add new units and structures. The next planned structures are the Tech Center, which will unlock the Ore Fracking Operation. It will also unlock the Medium Tank, the Troop Transport, and the Engineer, a unit which will be able to capture enemy buildings, or repair your own buildings.

Also, at some point I will be activating Power and Silo requirements. Right now you can just harvest forever without running into storage limits, and buildings do not drain your power reserves. Activating these will be another big change to the dynamic of the game.

Anyway, the update is now live on the website and the Ape Apps Launcher, and should be hitting Android within the day. Enjoy the game, thank you for playing, and keep leaving that feedback! Thanks!
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And here is the video version of the release notes.

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I really like how this is coming along. I feel an option to 'select all' of a type of troop would help a lot. It gets a little tedious and repetitive to attack a base, say, with several tanks. (Playing on Android)
So can we attack specific enemy building by casting a command?
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Are there active attack commands?
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Where do you install colony wars?
Shane Pitkin.
This new update has added many improvements compared to the previous version, allowing users to use more features, such as increased firepower, ...
Thank you for playing.
Hello Neighbor
Colony Wars
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