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Roman Tycoon Released

Today I am happy to announce that Roman Tycoon, the latest business simulation game from Ape Apps, is now available to download for free on all major platforms. Check it out!
Essentially, Roman Tycoon is the Antiquitas version of Colonial Tycoon, but the engine has been upgraded and improved with new features not found in the other My Business Empire engine titles. In addition to building up businesses, Roman Tycoon makes heavy use of Resource production and management. You will have to open some businesses with no profit or even operate at a loss just to generate resources for your other enterprises.

Also, Roman Tycoon introduces a new stacking feature to the engine, allowing you to stack multiple businesses of the same type on top of each other, cleaning up the interface a bit compared to previous titles. At some point, this feature will be back-ported to the other My Business Empire derived games as well.

Roman Tycoon is available now on Windows 10, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Facebook, and on any desktop PC using the Ape Apps Launcher. Find download links and more information at the official Roman Tycoon website here:

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