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Resource generation in regions

Since the last update I have noticed that regions maps are generating around half of what they should when you are not inside the map. It does mess up the ballence that some regions have with the amount of maps they have.

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This has been happening for me also and I also know other players who have been effected by this. So long as you aren't in a city, it either won't produce or produce very slowly in comparison.

This issue is strikingly similar to the issues with multi-player regions, which I've made a bug report on, in that no city will produce any amount of resource unless a player currently has it open. I was painfully aware of that when I started expanding and building different cities and suddenly having a food shortage generated from the original city.

I do hope this helps, and that the issue can be fixed. It makes normal regions harder to play and I was really enjoying myself with multi-player until this point.
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