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Computer Chips

This is a brand new idea.

I don't know what category. Maybe IQ+?
Computer LAB
Microchip -500
Steel -6000
Ore -15000

Upgrades to....

Adv. Computer LAB
Steel -30000
Microchip -4000
Gold -30000
Ore -15000

Upgrades to....

Alien Computer LAB
Steel -35000
Microchip -25000
Gold -16000
Alien Artifact -100
Plastic -1000
Cloth -1000

Upgrades to....

Magical Computer LAB

Ore -100000
Steel -100000
Gold -85000
Food -1000
Water -100k
Microchip -100k
Aluminum -4k
Oil -10k
Plastic -50k
Cloth -40k
Pottery -10k
Alien Artifact -10k
Triantanium -2k
Tetrianium -4

I was thinking these computer labs could produce money, and make colonist IQ go up. You could also use it to unlock new advanced research. For example: You need a Computer Lab to unlock Long Range Communications. (In the My Colony Reference you could add a Buildings required category.)

I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
I recommend you use only resources CURRENTLY IN GAME for now, until said resource (tetrianium) is added

Go Pittsburgh Penguins!!
Well its just a suggestion. Magical stuff is also a suggestion, The first three are made with in game materials.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
magical stuff doesn't fits into the game idea. And you could make the buildings a bit more detailed. only a black box with some water in it. wow....
Its me Lego.
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