I am in the process of adding a Friends List system to Ape Apps accounts that will allow you to easily see when your friends are online playing games like My Colony, or to invite them to a match in games like Death 3d. You can start testing the ability to add friends right now by using the Ape Chat desktop interface from your web browser (go to https://chat.ape-apps.com ) and right clicking on somebody's name in the user listing and selecting Add to Friends.

The only way they can accept right now is if they also right click on your name and select Add to Friends, but within the next couple of days this website will also have a list of your pending requests on your profile page and will allow you to accept or decline.

Friend management will soon be embedded into online games like My Colony also. For example, when you start a new colony, you will be able to pull up a list of your friends' charter codes. Or you can get notified when a friend is starting a new Colony Wars game lobby.

So anyway, it should be a cool new feature, and I will keep looking for neat ways to incorporate it into my various games!