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Unable to create colony to specific commonwealth using charter codes. - debugged/workaround

Issue as the title stated.

For any commonwealthes, creating a new colony using a charter code will cause the new colony relocated to their home civilization's AI commonwealth, after being indicated as ' colony of Undefined '.

I think it is client side bug:
With Fiddler: POST HTTP/1.1 f=3&g=1&c=XXXXXXX&relcd=91

{"colonyid":"935XXX","colonyname":"Mars","civilization":"United Earth","race":"Human","maptype":"Red Planet"}

So at first it resolves the parent(XXX is a masking done here) Thereafter when registers:



So probably there is a workaround if I ask fiddler to substitute undefined with my charter code.

What worries me a bit is that there is absolutely no authentication on the corresponding API calls.
Thanks for the debugging. You are right that there is no authentication on API function 32. I can probably change that now, as it was required to be that way before because registering a colony online originally did not require an Ape Apps Account at all, and so the functions of adding a new colony to the database and registering a colony to an account were implemented separately, to accommodate all of the colonies that existed before Ape Apps Accounts were implemented. I will need to replace this with a new authenticated function for the next update.
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But thanks for getting this problem noticed by bast for debugging.

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