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Game Task still open after closing the Game

#1 2019-08-14 21:58:13
Dear @bastecklein,

I am playing MyColony via Steam on a Win 10 Computer.
I am not completely sure but I think after 0.90 came out, the game is not closing correctly/completely.
When I close the game the "MyColony" task is still in the TaskManager and using arrond 200 MB of ram.
If I decide to open it up and start playing again, I get an notification from Steam saying:
While updating MyColony an error occured ( Application is running) : 9916

That means I can only start MyColony correctly once after starting my Pc. Whenever I want to open it up again I have to go into the Task Manager first and end the Task manually. After that I can start MC again.

I was wondering if this is a mistake on my side, or if it is a bug in the program.


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#2 2019-08-15 07:01:27
I noticed that today too. I had a lot of RAM taken so I opened the task manager and I saw 4 instances of My Colony running (I had launched 4 of them) even though I had closed all the My Colony windows I could. 4 ''ghost'' instances were taking up something like 1GB of RAM.
Edit : Native (desktop) version .91, windows 10
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#3 2019-08-15 07:55:48
faced the same problem on my steam version. had to force close through task manager
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#4 2019-08-17 19:41:43
Now in 0.92 I can not open the game at all (Steam)

Steam- Error
Unable to Start Process of MyColony :
"Access Denied" (0x5)

This might be related to my virus protection that declares the Mycolony.exe as infested by a "FileRepMalware"...
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