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Fire, Hazards, and more

#1 2019-09-01 03:58:05
Big thx to @GeneralWadling for discussion in this topic at discord. But the main idea of this is 1 new rover type, a couple of hazards, and excessive atmosphere amounts.

This all begins when you have about 100 Million atmosphere, and you get loads of smog.

Colonist health Decreases at a rate of 5% every 30 minutes unless an Alpha Draconian, as they have Advanced Atmosphere Helmets

Fire hazard areas within a radius of 2 tiles of any of these resourse containing buildings can be ignited at any time:

Fire Rovers Puts out fires as long as they are in the direct 1 tile area of a fire when they patrol, can be dispatched by the Fire Station

Fire Station Builds the Fire Rover and contains about 10k water for storage.

Here is the Earthquake Area: I'm going to put it in either sunday or Saturday depending If I get tired. Also: This can or cannot be turned on in a random chance (thing). Keeping it vague because I havent the slightest for this right now. I'm just spitting things out and typing away.

Disaster: Earthquake When this happens, it's over for most buildings. Unless they are built out of tritanium, they are gone. Thankfully, there is a rover for that.

Rover:Rebuilder This little fella can tell all the rovers around him to rebuild the entire map at 40%-60% percent of the cost, depending on the type of quake.

Measuring Quakes There will be 5 types of earthquakes:
Whimp: Causes 5-10% damage, and generally steel buildings are fine.
Medicore This is when your bot will come in handy. This quake causes 10-20% damage, but bug steel builds wont be impacted.
Strong A little serious, does 20-30% damage.
Really Strong "This is getting serious. Someone call 991, please." Does about 50% damage.
Game Ending This is what you DONT want. Never in a million years. Demolishes most types of buildings, and causes 80% damage to all buildings. Scary
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#2 2019-09-01 06:00:09
Further addtional ideas here (•ω•)
• Disasters will damage buildings and reduce the condition percentage. Fire does a continous damage while earthquake does a single-time heavy damage.
• When a building condition reached 0%, it directly become rubbles, which only trash (rubbles) will be left. Like a trash pit it will degenerate slowly, but you can also collet up the trash (by destroying the rubble) and put them inside incinerators. Rubbles cannot be rebuilt into buildings.
• Manual Repair by policies is limited to those buildings with condition 50% or above. Others has to be repaired by rebuilder.
• The building shuts down automatically after condition drops to 30% and below.
• Fire can spread to adjcent buildings. So when there is a fire outbreak put out fire quickly and stragetically.
• Don’t put volatile and flammable storages near lava! Otherwise it can quickly set on fire!
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#3 2019-09-03 02:33:40
Now that I think of it, these are really bad for my colony. Like, really bad. My colony is full of jam-packed buildings. Uh oh.
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