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Divine Rights of Insectnoid Lords? Insectnoid Governance Expansion!

#1 2019-09-11 05:33:10
H3110 guys!

I’m trying to expand insectnoid governance level here, since it’s stuck at about level four (which max gifting is up to 1000000 units) something.

Divine Rights of Insectnoid Lords is an ‘technology’ , and it is based on real-world real-history ideology Divine Rights of Kings, which it believes the rulers’ power are granted by the gods they believe in.
And as some players know, seems Insectnoids cannot escape the supersitition of worshipping of the gods. BUT making use of that, it can aatually expand the power of insectnoid governors - Increasing the legitmacy and thus the peasent bugs would be very loyal to their lords.

Okay, here comes some buildings that unlocks with the Divine Rights of Insectnoid Lords, and trying to combind with my previous insectnoid ideas.
  • Command Post of the Great Lord as an upgrade for Advanced Command Post using some antaura and clay to build and more neat details,
  • Unholy Palace of the All-Poweful Lord as an upgrade for Unholy Command.
  • All Hail the Unholy Emperor (it’s a statue).
  • The Forbidden Temple for supplying more antaura for the purposes.
  • Unholy Hall of Elders for produing more civics than Hall of Elders.
  • Unholy Sphere of Divine Powers that stores many Antaura produced form the Forbidden Temple.
  • The Unholy Floating Garden is a real floating garden, using antaura as hovering power, is definitely a miracle in architecture and a great wonder.
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#2 2019-09-11 12:08:21
Ooh, really liking the floating garden idea!!!!
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