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Spitfire ideas

#1 2019-09-12 01:56:51
Just a spitfire idea area for me

Basic Ether Generation platform United Earht cant make ether. Said no one. Generates ether while taking in rum, robots, crystals, and uranium

Basic salt generator filters out salt and water to make drinkable water and salt, used in food curating

Extreme salt generator this thing makes loads of salt by taking in salt water.

Basic uranium creator creates uranium by mashing tons of ore, steel, and oxygen crush together to make uranium.
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#2 2019-09-12 13:06:56
Salts...... humm, seems my brain comes up with something now.
BTW actually an ordinary desalination plant can seperate salt from salt water already (•ω•)

I like the Ether Generation Platform, but will it be buildable on land? Or something exclusive to Water World map?
Speaking of that, LIS also needs a ether rig for Lost World map.
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