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lag causing my colony to not function w/230,000 pop

Either a recent update or something i have done has caused my colony to grind to a halt. I can't do anything in it because of massive lag. I have two colonies and its' only in my larger colony. Scrolling around and clicking on things takes 15-20 seconds to respond.

Tried loading on multiple computers with the same results. I run the desktop version. I have a powerful custom built system with plenty of ram/cpu/gpu power. My other colony of 60,000 works perfectly.

Can anybody help me? Any suggestions?
has the colony been inactive for a while?
if so how long?
No I play a few hours a week.
Ok.. because sometimes people go away for a while, come back and their colonies run like a potato lol

@LizardKing, I am experiencing the same problem. It just happened out of the blue. I had issues with my workers who stopped work because they made too much (LOL). So, I had to do the tax them to death then give them stimulus to get them back to a "normal" savings level. After that, Lag City. I have the same issues you describe. If I click on a gift, the pop-up opens 20 seconds later. If I zoom in, it happens 15 seconds after I zoomed. Did you ever get a solution?
Help yourself. First off, you can always close all the other programs you’re using right now so your computer will focus solely on running your ridicously sized 230k people colony, and not use bandwidth unnecessarily. Make sure that My Colony is the only program running. (Note: dont shut down all the processes in that manager thing... your pc needs em working so your pc works)

If you did that... and its still laggy, keep trying. If its a stubborn computer and after trying so much that its still laggy, get out of your chair and buy a more powerful cpu at your local friendly neighbourhood computer store.

Dude I’m running on an iphone 7 and i havent played my colony in a long time and i didnt get your lag issues
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