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Some more policy ideas

H3110 guys!

Here are my few ideas regarding governance.

  • Promotion Campaign
    Slightly increase happiness and approval rating by less than 10% instantly, consuming civics and money. Cooldown 30min.
  • Extra Rations
    Distribute a double-ration immediately to all colonists to increase approval rating instantly. Cooldown 1hr.
  • Public Forums
    Run public forums for extra civic outputs (30% of colony production) but continuously consumes money and wood (for making papers).
  • Colonial Festival
    Launch a colonial public festival event that consumes rum, food, water, money, civics and potteries to greatly bring your colonist happiness and increase approval rating significantly. The cost is proportional to number of colonists.
  • Protest Sweep
    Get all people protesting back to work or their home. Costs civics and some approval rating drop.
  • Tourism Taxations
    Make every tourist visiting your colony yield more money. However high tax may decrease tourism. The higher tourism prestige you have, higher taxation you can set.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
for the protest sweep - tie in with security utility
theone4685 said:for the protest sweep - tie in with security utility

Indeed, this is a security policy for the colony.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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