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March of Draconians! ALPHA DRACONIAN IDEAS!

H3110 guys!

Here first, may I congratulate to the successful Insectnoid update (v.0.98.0) and present a big, big, heartfully thanks to @bastecklein that bring us new insectnoid contents that will bring glory to the future of Zolarg Empire and its fellow swarms!

As @bastecklein planned, the coming v0.99.0, last update before the grand v1.0.0 launch version of My Colony, will feature the contents for the long forgotten Alpha Draconians and its evil Reptilians.
Here comes my ideas!

  • Stealth Teleporter
    This is one of the genious invenstions of Draconian engineers - The Stealth Teleporter can teleport anything except bulky starships from other colonies without being noticed and detected by any high-end anti-teleporting security systems.
  • Hologram Theatre
    Alpha Draconian goverment often put on funny (yet ironic) political themed shows that keeps your subjects in the deep illusion that nobody except the Draconian Commanders are always right.
    Serves 30 people.
    Produces little of civics but consumes softwares.
  • Radiated Crystal Farm
    With fine calculators to control radiation to optimize growth rate of crystals, nobody have to worry about crystal shortages. because this will churn out lotts of crystalline, though it’ll take some time.
    Consumes crystalline, micrograms of uranium, softwares and rum.
  • Slave Camp Bunker
    There was once a plague brought by the insectnoid slaves and it almost killed every Draconian colony. Since then some of the slave camps have built these Slave Camp Bunkers to keep the dirty bugs inside and away from the population strictly while there is good excuses for installing fortified defense that is 100% riot proof and advanced monitoring system to ensure your slaves working at all time.
    Produces some basic minerals needed by colony development and some food (don’t worry those food undergoes strict sterilization process).
  • Bugminator VII
    Look at this newest device to extract ant paste - If you zap a well-fed fat insectnoid slave, it’ll turn into lots of ant paste with some bit overcooked bug meat!
  • Draconian Corps Inc
    This is the colonial quarters of galaxy-famous military and industrial robotics company from Alpha Draconis - Draconian Corps Inc! Here your smart people deserves working here for low pay and assembles robots for you!
  • Draconian Academy of Engineering
    Advanced egineering is one of the important technology that leads to Alpha Draconians present day glory and excellence. Why not build one of the Academy here and have some even more value-adding education for your people!
  • Textile Camp
    Where your insectnoid tortured to ingest lumps of aluminium and keep fine metallic textiles producing!
  • Slave Circus
    Push the slaves into this circus and the Arbiters will punish your slaves all day to entertain your people with the deadly tricks that nobody survives!
  • 4th Dimensional Warehouse
    The 4th dimensional storage technology is just new to the galaxy, and this warehouse, though still in half-experimental stage, harnesses the power of dimensions to store a massive amount of resources!
    Requires lots of cooling water to operate.
  • Subterranean Slum
    A dirty cheap subterranean housing complex for housing lots of people.
  • Mess Hall for Slaves
    If the slaves can help you eat up the trash and produce more useful ant paste, why you have to teleport your trash away?
    Also consumes a trace amount of helium-3 along the way.
  • Offshore Slum
    A slum simply built with old cargo containers floating on the seas.
  • Court of Arbitation
    Upgrade for Square of Arbitation. This also produces money but takes up bandwidth and consumes rum.
    There’s a horrible fact that nobody ever returns after entering this place.
  • High Council of Arbiters
    A formal upgrade for Council of Arbiters for unlocking more policies as well better gifting amounts.
  • Hybrid MicroReactor
    A hybrid reactor that uses helium-3 and uranium to generate a totally evil amount of power!

More ideas will come in the post updates, so stay tuned!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
This would be a good time to produce a building that specifically brings in one type of race, like maybe an upgrade to the slave gate that allows immigration from the Zolarg Empire. Then there could be jobs that could be specific to one race...arbiters and brewmasters could be draconian only, or jobs could be set to only allow certain races as workers, that way it makes more sense for insectoid housing to exist, and for insectoid specific jobs to exist. It's just an idea, something I've thought should be in place for a while.
Regardless of if bast does that or not, what about:
Insect Fattener- It turns out if you overfeed your insects, they will start to vomit up sugar and ant paste as they get sick from overeating. Collect both these resources from the poor bugs! Consumes Food to keep those insects fed, and water to clean up the gross insectoid germs!
Slave Labor Camp- Using state-of-the-art insectoid technology, create your own Labor Camps for those insects to work! Creates many valuable resources for your colony! (This is the draconian version of the labor camp like they have their own version of the mining pit too). Requires a couple of Reptillian supervisors to make sure those insects don't slack off!
Drunken Market- It's a well-known fact that tourists and citizens alike act much dumber when they're drunk. Here you can get people drunk and sell them terrible knockoffs for high prices while their inhibitions aren't in the way! Transforms 2 rum, 1 pottery, 1 painting into $3000, and creates unhappy people! Can entertain 30 tourists (I'm not sure how many it should entertain, 30 seemed reasonable).
Plastic Polymerizer- I'm sorry, I couldn't come up with something clever for this one. Uses bandwidth, power, 1 oil and 1 water to make 80 plastic.
Hacker's Den- Tired of how all that coding work nets you so little software? How about having that code be used to steal other people's programs instead! That coder will bring in much more software now! Uses much more bandwidth and a bit more power to net you much more software.
Triantanium Impactor- Using antanium, uranium, and helium, you can create a decent amount of triantanium to use to usher in the newest age of technology. Uses 1 u, 1 an, 1 he to make 40 triantanium. Requires bandwidth, power, and software as utilities.
Robomaker's Den- Provides housing and job(s). Uses aluminum, software, microchips, and crystalline to make robots.
Cell Phone Factory- Tired of hearing your younger citizens complain about the slow postal system? Want to make the elderly colonists feel stuck in the past? Well, start making and selling cheap cell phones that will stop working as soon as the warranty ends! (Warning: small chance phones may explode!) Produces civics as a byproduct of people feeling the illusion of being able to contact customer service (even if they are always on hold). Transforms 1 microchip, 1 plastic, 1 software into $200. Uses power, robots, and bandwidth as well.

New Tech- Next-Gen Technology: Costs 30 million research, 3 million civics, $8 million, 5k plastic, robots, and triantanium. (Can modify costs, just what I thought of based on other draconian techs) Needed for everything after this point:
Next-Gen Chip Transporter- Tired of how slow the normal transporter is? Using plastic and other state-of-the-art materials you can upgrade those last-gen transporters into the future! Now requires bandwidth, but produces 30 microchips per round in return. (or alternatively, produces chips at the same conversion ratio, but at a drastically increases speed).
Ultra-High Frequency Node- Are your people complaining about not having enough internet access? Does it feel too slow for you? Well never fear! Using next-gen fiber optic technology, you can make superior nodes to provide all your people with bandwidth!
Deep Space Hacker- Using next-gen data-stealing technologies, upgrade your deep space interceptors to hack even the most secure transactions and communications! (not sure how much of an upgrade it should be, but should definitely give you more money and research, but should now also get you civics from hacking into secure government databases halfway across the universe).
Next-Gen Triantanium Impactor- Using next-gen technology you can create massive amounts of triantanium! Creates 140 triantanium from 1 an, 1 u, 1 he. Utilities: robots, bandwidth, and power
Next-Gen Polymerizer- you know the words by now, using next-gen technology, blah blah blah :P. Produces 160 plastic per round using same components as original polymerizer.
Next-Gen Microreactor (upgrade from hybrid microreactor, because I thought of this idea but don't want to step on wadaling's toes)- Using the power of next-gen technology, create absurd amounts of electricity! Uses bandwidth, triantanium, and helium to make power. Also requires water to stop from overheating.
Next-Gen Materials Extractor- Uses crystalline and helium to make 50 of each of the raw materials instead of 15.
Actual Reality Gaming Station- Using next-gen "virtual reality", make video games so realistic they are actually happening! You can drop blocks on insectoids in Antetris, crush them with candy in Sugar Crush, stomp Sectoombas like your favorite video game characters Drario and Druigi, and best of all, play first-person shooters like Crush of Insects: Drac Ops as yourself! Requires sugar to keep those "virtual" insects fed, as well as software and robots to add that extra realism to the game! Produces money that draconians have mooched from their parents, as well as civics for helping the draconian military crush any insectoid rebels. Provides entertainment for citizens and tourists.

I'll add more ideas if I think of them, just had a couple of immediate ones and I wanted to post them.

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