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Bot / Enslaved bug disappear into a black hole v.098

#1 2019-10-26 17:57:01
Today i was testing the Group Unit feature in a Draconian ether farm colony.

At some point, when i was try to move bot, they all move close to a Drone Pad, and they disappear.

ps. My Colony standalone 0.98 64bit, windows 10
#2 2019-10-26 18:14:57
I am not 100% and will have to verify, but I believe the Drone Pad also acts like a human Chop Shop.
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#3 2019-10-26 20:19:32
Ok, after the Chop Shop hint.

Try to select some bot/bug and move around the Drone pad, after over the pad (pretty much try to move the bug inside). Everything will disappear. :D
#4 2019-11-12 14:44:00

Still present in v.99
#5 2019-11-12 14:45:09
Ansom said:@bastecklein

Still present in v.99

Oops, I completely forgot about this one....
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