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Ghost inmigration?

#1 2019-10-28 23:15:26
Ok, i started a draconian colony time ago, but it got an illegal inmigration overflow, so it went into pure chaos, but recently i started watching little guys with a curious purple helmet walking around my main colony (kazande), and yep, they were reptilians coming from: my draconian colony. It started with 1, so i went with my normal stuff, but they were coming 2,3,7 and right now there are 20 of them, i mean, they are not a problem, they work and stay happy and in peace, but it was weird, so i tried deactivating the star gate at the drac. Colony (lizhard) and when it didnt work i sold it, but it solved nothing, so i went to the extreme way by deleting lizhard, but when i reactivated inmigration at kazande they came again, from the nothing!, But the statistics says that they still comming from lizhard, is there a way to stop that reptilian inmigration? Is it a kind of bug?
#2 2019-12-06 04:53:36
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#3 2019-12-17 16:17:15
If you are playing from web version, Is normal. the new game version have several change.
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