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Resource Decay turns into Trash

Right now we have this situation in colonies where if the amount of a resource is over its storage limit, it decays and disappears.

However, this is a proposal to have the resource turn into an existing resource, trash. Right now, trash can only be produced through housing units. Why not make industrial waste through the decay of resources?
  • If resources such as food or wood can't be stored, than they eventually become trash.
  • This decay rate might be slightly less than it is currently and might have to be tailored to different resources.
  • For example, food might decay very quickly while steel takes a longer period of time.
With this mechanic, trash management will become more important as well as resource management, because without proper storage, excess trash will be created. To keep it from creating too much trash, maybe limit production when a resource's storage is full for buildings that create that resource
Any suggestions, comments are welcome below
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There are two potential problems with this. One issue that I hear on the colony chat is that trash doesn't actually hurt colonists. While I feel like it probably does do *something* what I take it to mean is that people want bast to make trash worse. If he added this in and increased how toxic trash is, then that would be interesting. The only problem I see is that for people just starting out on an online colony, if they ask for a specific resource, even if they give a specific amount they want (like 1k), they end up with like, half a million of it, and that means that trying to get help from other colonies for resources will become hard and potentially hazardous for people who are just starting a new colony and who can't dispose of industrial quantities of trash. This would also mean that bast needs to add a way for insectoids to dispose of trash since they have none.
I think the idea is interesting, but if he wants to implement it, there are some ramifications that would need to be considered, especially if trash was made to be more of a threat.
Yes, and I agree especially with the gifting part! However then again it might aid gameplay by not allowing that much copious gifting...

Of course, if this is implemented it will obviously need fine-tuning which Bast will have to do.
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I like this idea
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