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New Frontiers, Vol1

#1 2019-12-24 08:08:14
Hey people, I'm back after a long time of contemplation life choices. Here's a comprehensive list of all the brainlessness I've been having over the past couple days after coming back to My Colony.

1: Its hard now. Like, really hard. Balancing is getting stupid hard to complete, and some bugs that are reported are making a large difference to how I play the game. So some new suggestions:

Content: Is this color
Landing Pad Reworked: This is in my eyes essential to the development of a working colony. With the random drops in population, sometimes your colony can be hit and hit HARD with population drop. This can make rebounding hurt bad when half your vitals, [ie. Food, Water] are based on your colonists having to go in and work at said place. So I propose an idea:increase the amount of colonists that immigrate into the colony tenfold. Ok, maybe not tenfold, but give most of the population increasing buildings a boost, [except the advanced cloning lab, that's broken af so no need for a buff there] and maybe let the player select the amount of people to let in at what rate.

Upgraded Landing Pad: This is (as the title would suggest) an upgraded version of the Landing Pad. It comes with a slider that allows you to select how fast per minute people join your colony. This could also be implemented into the Consulate, to regulate the flow of colonists and an overall version instead of having to micromanage all your buildings.

That was all that I think imma write today, and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas,
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#2 2019-12-24 09:56:16
Hello Luker! (^ ^)

It sounds great to have a more detailed immigration control :3
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