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Time Travel

#1 2019-12-24 20:23:05
Some people say that the more constraints you have, the more creative you have to be. This lead me to thinking of a quick idea for solving [DISCLAIMER: THIS COULD OR COULD NOT BE GOOD. IT COULD BE A THING THAT CANT BE PUT IN OR IT WOULD BREAK THE GAME. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED] some problems caused by major bugs.

As the title reads, the entire idea is Time Travel. This would be achieved through a pull down bar in the UI that allows you to access your latest high population save[HPS]. This would make it easier to recover, because you can just go back in time and re-think what you were doing. This could also help in finding the bug, because as of right now, there are a lot of mixed complaints.

HPS: this is a high population save. Kinda like an auto save, but it would save at intervals of 20 population, or so on with a multiplier for your population. It could also depend on the amount of colonist producing buildings, which could help the colony's that have loads of colonists coming in at like 500 per second. So the people that do have that wont constantly save the game and break it. This would solve the above problem, but could take up loads of space. For me, I like to keep a lot of versions of the game on my phone, so I have a lot of My Colony saves. But hey, this was just an idea.
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#2 2019-12-25 16:08:16
well normaly I already use Time travel lol
all it takes is hard saving the colony Before you update the game and if the new update is buggy then delete it and install the older version immport the colonmy qnd way any issues caused by a bug magicly disapire . It works for android and desktop .
But not for chrome as chrome auto updates
Every version ever made can be downloaded and game support its self goes back alest 3 versions before antihack kicks in .
Now a days I dont play as much so dont mind wating unless it is ground braking update .
which 1.0.0 is not 1.1.0 or maybe 1.2.0 will be so be watching for it .
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