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My Colony v1.1.0 Released

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to the new year next week. Today I am putting out a quick bug-fix patch to all platforms as v1.1.0. I do not have time to do a full update right now, but since so many people are having mass-death issues on the v1.0 patch, I had to take the time to rush something out real quick. I have not had enough time to research the issue 100%, but in testing some people are having less of an issue than they were before.

In addition, I have also made a change on this patch to make multithreaded pathfinding the default on all platforms, since the single threaded pathfinding was causing strange bot issues on the last update, and I don't have time to investigate the reason at this moment.

That's it for today. Have a happy new year, and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!
Hey Baste,

I'd be happy to offer some assistance (I'm on the discord under the same name) if you need anything to track down the bug. My mass vanishing issue has turned into a mass death issue, whereby half the colony now dies as apposed to just straight up vanishing (1 person died per pay day, rest just vanish) now on payday my pop is cut in half roughly (3.2k max to 1.7k) and health remains 0% despite 52 large medical centres being in close proximity to my 6 large residential buildings and 31 blue residential complexes (all read max on medical access).

Appreciate the effort to put in a bug fix on the holidays, hope you and yours had a good one!

The broken "Deport the Elderly" function in my test colony is a bug, the vanish vs death wave, was a bug, but colonists now should die if no healthcare in any case, not a bug.

The only two problem (and again, not a bug, just a not perfect implementation) regard the refresh rate. Every 25-30s the game will update the population/house/work/utility, for the better situation, in theory. House with better rating should fill first, same thing with jobs. The other problem regard the houses/works rating system, at least, i don't know how to maneuver it in my favor, it seems causal. Some time one type of building have problem to get worker.

In any case, the update 1.0.0 work perfectly for the 99%, given the very tight implementation times, and the numerous radical changes in the game engine, it is a great success. Too bad that many players do not read the forums, or other information and guides. To bad the other 1% can do little genocide all other the place, and collapse maps for the aging, but, specially for region map, isn't hard to work it (at least for map with low population)

Off course the game will need other change for refine, specially the entertainment building, or utility for crazy dense map (like new tower building 2x2 for fun/medical/school/trash, but i will talk it about soon in other topic), but isn't all bad, specially for low pop map.
Hi, even after the fix for 1.1, I'm still having issues with not being able to maintain my population. My health is stuck at 0%, for multiple colonies. I would really like to be able to help anyway I can to help get this problem fixed. Thank you for your time
My Colony

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