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My Colony v1.2.0 Released

Today the finishing touches are going into My Colony v1.2.0 and the patch should be hitting all platforms and app stores over the coming days. Although this is v1.2.0, it's really more like v1.0.0 Part 3, as it mainly features more cleanup from the fallout of the major engine changes introduced in the v1.0.0 patch. It is my hope that, with this patch, the engine changes are mostly stabilized and I can finally move on to some more interesting updates. That said, there are also some new structures and features coming along for the ride in this patch, so let's take a look at what is new!

Firstly, more engine tweaks have been made in regards to health, medical, and the colonist lifecycle. In addition to other minor tweaks, colonists will now enter the workforce at an earlier age (14) and retire at a later age (75 I think). Retired colonists will now start dying off at a faster rate too.

The University has been buffed a bit, and it now has a student capacity of 6,500.

In this update, I have now added the ability for players to fine-tune their industrial capacity on a per-building level. If you open the building stats window on a structure that has workers, you will see two new slider control bars.

The Production Priority slider will let you control which buildings fill up with workers first. This setting has been requested for a long time, and now it's a reality. The higher you set this, the higher this building will be prioritized against other worksites. Keep in mind that there are still other factors which are considered, including distance, building condition, and eventually crime (more on that later). However, the Production Priority setting is the #1 factor when colonists are being assigned jobs by the engine (unless the jobsite is simply out of range).

In addition, the new Employment Capacity slider is useful for when you want a worksite to be up and operational, but you want to free up some of the labor to work in other buildings. For example, if a building takes 50 workers and you set the slider at around 50%, then only 25 of the jobs will be filled. The total output of a building depends on how many workers it has, but when you are trying to prioritize your production in specific ways, this new control setting should come in handy.

Finally, three new structures have been added in this release, the Medium Hospital, Transcendent Medical Clinic, and the Large Stadium. All three are upgrades to existing buildings, and offer increased capacity and efficiency.

Next I want to take a moment to welcome all of the new players to My Colony! The game has seen an increase in downloads over the last few weeks, so I just want to welcome all of the new players to the game, and to the My Colony community! If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, this forum is a great place for all of that. Our community is not huge, but there are a lot of experienced players here who are always willing to provide help and answers to your questions. And a large percentage of the content and features in this game have come directly from community feedback and suggestions, people just like you posting something they wanted to see added to the game. So feel free to bounce your ideas and suggestions off in the suggestions forum!

And finally, the next two updates are going to feature Crime and Mass Transit. I don't know which one will come first, but those are the next two. The Crime update will feature various Police Station and Prison type structures, and crimes will be committed in areas of low land value and low IQ. The Mass Transit will be in the form of a train station with rail, and will allow people to work in buildings that are normally outside of their regular range. When used in region mode, the Mass Transit will also allow workers to live and work in different cities. Eventually the Mass Transit will include an underground subway system, but probably not right away, as it will be more work to implement an entire subterranean layer to the game.

I am also going to be adding a way to "return" existing buildings to your building queue. This is sort of like the current "move" feature, except the building just goes away and there will be a number on the construction sidebar indicating that there is a building of that typed queued up for move. Then, you will be able to place those buildings again, without construction time or cost. You will only be able to do this on buildings that are able to be moved, non-resource drop off points.

So anyway, that's all for today's update. Hope you enjoyed it, hope you all had a Happy New Year, and stay tuned for more!
I can't believe we are already at 1.2, I have been following this for years now and I am so happy to see how far it has come.
Totally love this update. it's like how the game was meant to be played all along
Hey, with this new update I no longer have access to the premium stuff, and there seems to be no restore purchases option
Can you make it so we can further customize our planet in region system like add water and rivers in the region or big crators. Also if its possible to paint the landscape any color we want. It would be really fun to do so.
My Colony

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