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Alternative independence!

H3110 guys!

In our history, we have seen how the colonies gained independence.
Some bravely sacrificed themselves for the precious freedom,
Some gained their independence through peaceful negotiations and agreements,
Some takes on an iron-fist path, or diplomatically gang up to pressure their rulers,
Some, goes on peaceful resistances.

With these references, today I would like to represent my ideas to diversify the way to independence for colonies.
Currently the game only has one way to gain independence - PAY CIVICS TO YOUR LORDS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If any alternative method to independence is added, here are my ideas.

Parameter for independence - Rage
In other words, Rage is actually anti-commonwealth sentiments.
Rage is one of the major parameter to launch (and effector of) independence actions, because some of my alternative ways will need this.
With a too low anti-commonwealth sentiment, you cannot take some of the independence actions effectively.
There are some ways to increase rage.
  • Political Cartoon
    What’s more thought-provoking than a political cartoon? This project consumes some money and civics to hire a cartoonist to publish a political cartoon, while it has slight effect on your relation with commonwealth.
  • Secret Promotion
    Hire secret societies to spread rumors about the commonwealth. Having a very-slightly effect on your relations with commonwealth as the tiny changes are hard to notice. Increases rage in a slow rate.
  • Penalities imposed by Commowealth
    Here, either embargos or immigration ban on your colony will increase rage over time until it is lifted.
    This means you have to reject taxing, and damage relations with the commonwealth.
  • Publically denounce your Commonwealth
    A great speech to persuade your colonists going against the commonwealth. This will bring up rage by lots but has a extreme cost on relations with commonwealth, has chance to trigger military supressions from commonwealth instantly (this means, triggers a revolution). Keep in mind this is a risky way.
  • Revolution history
    Previous failed attempts of revoltuion has be a permanent increase onto the base value of rage.
  • Commonwealth Taxation (High to Extreme)
    Extreme taxation do trigger rages.
  • Suppressed by Commonwealth
    Supressions from commonwealth will increase rage greatly.

Here introduces the alternative ways to gain independence.
  • Revolution
    If you want to do something like the Americans (or just like LIS in the game), here it is.
    This requires my another idea, Security and Crimes (link).
    You can launch a revolution anytime - It’s one of the fastest methods.
    Besides it does not has a rage control requirement, here, rage is the power. Higher rage your colonists has, better your colony resists.
    Once a revolution is triggered, you are required to survive attacks from commonwealth forces. How massive the commonwealth forces attacking your colony is determined by the commonwealth order-keeping forces allocated by the commonwealth leader.
    All your non-security staff colonists will be counted as militias in any revolution. The total resistance force gets a multiplier, determined by rage at the moment.
    If your colony survived attacks, congrats. Your colony gains independence.
    But if you failed, your colony will get punished, and it’ll increase difficulty/cost for next independence movement.
    Keep in mind that, in any revolution, your colony will have casualties and damaged structures.
  • Peaceful Resistance
    This is a ‘Gandhi’ way to gain independence.
    (Nothing to do with nukes, clearifying to those who know the Nuclear Gandhi joke.)
    This is a less violent way, but you have to control rage within a certain range, otherwise it develops into a violent revolution, or people has no motivation for the movement.
    Once launched, your colony will reject any incoming taxation requests.
    Minor suppressions will come to your colony, but your defensive forces must not fight back.
    Once survived a certain amount of suppressions without rage outside the required range, the civic cost for buying independence will decrease by 65%, ends the independence movement.
    (cannot be launched again once succeed, and goods price for (non-GBT) trades will follow the GBT market price, limited interactions with commonwealth members)

Comments please (>ω•)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
If you want to pay for independence while people doesn’t have enough anti-commonwealth sentiment, it may decrease your approval rating.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
or some siphon enough money to get kicked out :)

bump, good thread.
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