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Idea spitfire #3

Its time for a rant or whatever I call these. Some ideas right here.

WARNING: These are not ideas that you should take to heart. It's just a nice addition to have in an update.

Advanced Landing Pad:
Uses software to help guide ships more efficiently to drop off colonists.

Large Water Pump:
Utilizes SMRT tech to make more water want to come to the surface.

Small Microchip factory:
Its just a smaller, slightly more efficient version of the microchip factory.Uses software because...why not?

Wooden Company Co.
Automated system of wood collection that makes life easier.Has no workers, but uses robots to cut down trees, but it's faster and cooler looking.

Also I'm going to call this Idea Spitfire from now on because it sounds cool. So thx for reading and stay tuned for more to come!

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