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New Utility

#1 2020-02-09 08:30:13
This was an idea I had in an earlier post, but I'm too lazy to find the link, so I'm going to elaborate on the topic here.Note: This is also another idea that came to the version of late-night Luke. It's currently 2 am where I am and I'm coming up with brilliant ideas so...yeah.

New Utility:"Oxygen" This is a vital resourse in real life, so I dont see why it's not in the game yet. Or we all just dont think about it that much.

This Utility will be vital to the colony, meaning the moment it goes down to 0 (or 1 tick later or something) the entire colony will start to suffocate. This will cause your population to go into a panic, killing a lot of them even if you bring the o2 meter back up, your people will not be happy and will probably riot about your insufficient rule. When this happens, you might be deposed. That game mechanic will be elaborated on in a later post by your truly. But here are some building to help with this new need.

Oxygen Collecter:
Uses water and electrolysis to separate the molecules and create oxygen with the only by-product being hydrogen.

Large Oxygen Cell:
Holds and recycles oxygen, while using loads of power to do so.
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#2 2020-02-09 10:53:19
An oxygen generator and breathable gas supply utility would sound cool :D

That can be sort of an utility but it’s rather sounds like consumable resource 🤔
That’s may be the dilemma for implementing oxygen utilty, I guess.

Anyway, it’s highly reasonable for having oxygen utility for terraforming stage 0 (no breathable gas) and 1 (microbe stage).
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