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Hello guys!

Keeping your people happy is always the basics for a thriving civilization.

In this post, I’ll introduce the buildings related to quality of life and happiness - The service utilities.
(notes: service utilities includes health, education, entertainment and security.)

Royal Jelly Club
What’s better than a club that serves royal jelly cocktail?

An upgrade of the Gentlebugs Club. Of course, serves more guests, and consumes more rum, and sugar for flavouring.

Hall of Rum Fountains
A gorgeous place where the gentries of insectnoids in the society meet, and spend their wonderful night dancing, enjoying top-quality, unlimited supply of Royal Rum.

An upgrade of the House of Running Rum. It’s definitely a large hall for greater feasts and entertinment. Don’t forget the amazing rum fountain :D.

The Megatree of United Souls
Each insectnoid colony might have one, symbolizes unity and linkage of the Insectnoids as a whole. Not just a tourism hotspot, but also where insectnoids having troubles seek for answers here via meditation.

Surely fits the style of insectnoids, worshipping mythical theories and seek for truths trough meditation.
Notes: nothing to do with bandwidth.

Park of The Shining Stars
A park, a good spot for astronomic observations and relaxing. Some important rituals of the entire colony are held there.

It roughly includes a tall rock where you can stand and observe the skies, and some trees hanged with lanterns.
Fee-free entertainment for all.

Public Forum
Whenever there’s important issues needs everybody to discuss, the insectnoids goes to this Public Forum for a day-long debate. It’s also a good place for young insectnoids to develop thinking skills through dabates. And almost every insectnoid enjoys listening to the debators.

An multi-purpose building, produces civics, gives education, and provides entertainment.

Grand Brood Academy
This Grand Brood Academy will teaches broodlings from all hives with kinds of skills that an insectnoid needs, and learn insectnoid history.

An upgrade for Mound of Scholars, for meeting enormous needs of education.

Sauna Mound
Steaming your body with herbs not just relieves soar muscles, it is also an effective therapy for some sickness. Come and enjoy this beneficial insectnoid sauna!

A mix of medical and enterment service, multipurpose building for larger insectnoid population.

Herbal Yard
Where the herbs are grown for making medicine for the sick. Sometimes the herbs are used to brew some refreshing herbal tea.

A larger medical facility for healing more sick insectnoids.

Infirmary Hive
Essentially a large specialised facility for healing thousands of sick bugs.

That’s an upgraded Herbal Yard.

Unholy Shrine of Health
Using unholy the power of Antaura, even cancers can be cured in a few minutes. It’s the mythical magic that nobody actually understands at all.

If you are asking for more ways utilizing Antaura, then that’s one of the way.

Unholy Temple of Endless Darkness
Where the evil cultists worshipps the power of Antaura... and seeking for the truth of the galaxy.

In case you need more entertainment and Antaura.

The Shame Deeps
Where important criminals are locked at the deepest spot of this prison, while those minor criminals are either punished and insulted at the surface plaza, or locked underground but not in the worst deeps.

An upgrade for Mound of Justice.

Guild of Royal Guard
Where a group of well-deciplined gentlebugs, the Royal Guards, meet and assign roles and tasks to maintain order in the colony. Of course, the Guild has prison for the most unforgivable criminals at maxinum secturity.

An simple idea for security buildings... Maybe serves as an upgrade of The Shame Deeps?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
More ideas here, continued.

Dome of Arts
Where the insectnoids creates pieces of art, spending hours of leisure.
Don’t underestimate the amazing imagination of the Insectnoids. The art they create can worth billions in the galactic market.

This is an entertainment facilities that creates paintings.

Performance Stand
Just a simple slab that artists perform amazing shows to the crowd, ranging from music to juggling shows.

Hold on, shouldn’t it be from human colonies?

The Grand Insectnoid Amphitheatre
There’s always great theatres put on in this amphitheatre. But usually it’s about Emperor Zolarg’s story...

Theatres for insectnoids would sounds like a good idea.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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