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Hello guys!

As what @bastecklein have announced about, nanotech and the nanites will be introduced to other civs as well in the later update.
(reference post:

When nanotech meets Insectoids. What will be the result combinition?
At least these would be innovations.
Here are my ideas, hopyfully you guys liked it :D

Insectnoid Robotics (tech)
Wondered how Insectnoids have come over with the ideas of, Robotics?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know how they imagined that lol
Robotics knowledge should help them to learn how to build nanites :)

Automaton Assembling Yard
A workshop where the skilled insectnoids put all the pieces together to build automatons, one kind of crude yet functional robots that can get the job done.

The recipe for insectnoid robot is microchip + antanium + aluminium + software + ant paste + wheels.

Nanocrafts Workshop
Only the smartest and most skillful craftsbugs are capable of crafting one of the finest things in the world - the nanites. This workshop has every tool and automatons needed for creating these tiny nanotech products.

Nanite production facility for Insectoids. Needs robots to run, as well multiple ingredients including microchips and crystalline.

Nano-Infirmary Hive
Make use of nanites to deliver medicine accuately, this high tech infirmary hive can cure almost all diseases that an Insectoid would have.

Upgrade of Infirmary hive (from Part 1 of the series).

Nano-bloodletting Station
Enhanced using nanites, this clinic in insectoid fashion will terminate all diseases an Insectoid would experience in their life.

In case Bast just want something simple as that.

Unholy Nano-Nerve Stimulator
Once it was impossible to inject Antaura into any Insectoid indivdual. But now with nanites, we can directly inject Antaura-carrying nanites to stimulate and turn the tiny brains of Insectoids into... Super-smart brains. Notes: You have been warned about some potential permanent side effects, including evil personalities.

Ultimate (right now) education facility for any Zolarg colony.

Nano Ether Juicer
Tired of collecting Ether all by yourself? Here, I’ll introduce you the Insectoid innovation that nobody ever seen - an ether symthesizing device nicknamed ‘Ether Juicer’. By reacting crystalline, uranium and helium-3 in ant paste under strong electricity, mixed with from nanites and Antaura, a small stream of Ether is created, and tapped into barrels.

Finally we can have something that automatically creates ether. Yay?
Ohh, almost forgotten. It does not hire workers, the job is get done by the automatons (robots). You know the dangerous radioactivity.

Insectoid Nano-Bioreactor
When you have water and some ores, as well some nanites and tons of power, you can literally create any biomass in the galaxy, from food to lumbers, from wools to ant pastes.

Bioreactors can be useful...

Nanocircuit Foundry
By utilizing the nanotech advances, you can create thousands of circuit boards in this Nanocircuit Foundry in a minute.

An ordinary example to utilize nanotech in electronics.

Nobody ever imagined nanites can be used for processing more nutritous food that way, even the Insectoids themselves. Just dump barrels of sugar and ant paste, mixed with some raw food, into the reactor. In a few minutes, the nanites casts magic onto these ingredients, creating one of the most innovative food, Nanocakes.
Don’t worry, nanites won’t left in the nanocakes, it’s 100% safe to eat.

Humm... Now I’m imagining how it would taste like...

Nanite Paste Hive
Creating ant pastes now won’t need any labor. The nanites will do the job for you - more productive than the old methods.

An upgrade of the Paste Hive from Part 2 of the series.

Nano-Crystalline Farm
If you think the Crystalline Growth Chamber isn’t fast enough at producing crystallines, this nanite-operated Nano-Crystalline Farm will satisify your wish.

(I’m still try to churn out something useful)

Nano-Alchemy Hive
The power of nanotechnology will elevate Insectoid alchemy to another level - Not just tonnes aluminium and gold can be created, it also creates uranium (and cobalt).

Ignore cobalt if nothing the insectoids can utilize the cobalt.
Upgrade of the Unholy Alchemy Hive from Part 2 of the series.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Nano Nerve Clinic
Come and try the latest mind-comditioning therapy in this high tech Nano Nerve Clinic - When nanites diffuses into your brain to condition the nerve flow, any unhappiness and depression are washed away like magic.

That’s for entertainment, for sure.

Alter of One Mind
‘We are one, we are many.’ The pursuit of ultimate unity for ages will soon be achievable with this Alter of One Mind, where nanites carrying Antaura infuses into the bodies of little insectoids. They may lose some memories, but what’s better than having a super-smart brain competitable to a quantum computer?

Another idea for education, much smaller as 1×1.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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